how to make propolis throat spray

This winter was the first time I experienced body aches from the flu. Required fields are marked *. However, a small amount will be swallowed of course, so when you use essential oils you must make sure they are safe, pure, and therapeutic grade. You’ll need an amber or blue glass travel size spray bottle – I got mine HERE. Echinacea is proven by dozens of studies to boost immunity, fight infections and relieve pain, and has been long used for cold, flu, Sinusitis and any respiratory condition. You can use this one with kids as well. sea salt and 2 droppers of sovereign silver 3x per day. I used to work for Julique and they had a spilanthes tincture that one of the executives told me to use for cold sores, etc. Mix all of the ingredients together and pour into a 2 ounce glass spray bottle. Bee Health 50ml Propolis Throat Spray. Refrigerate between uses. Hi MoonChild! Locally sourced in the Okanagan Valley, BC, our … The small amount of Cayenne pepper inside is a great addition for adults because it contains capsaicin – which boosts blood flow and speeds up the healing process. :). What is it? Click here to read my affiliate policy. And you don’t have to use it exclusively as a throat spray. This powerful immune-boosting spray is full of soothing antioxidants that also aid in stress relief and support! ... et al. Read our honnest review. This throat numbing spray is fantastic for sore throats. Have you had anyone else have this same experience? I will be using a 4 oz spray bottle. They collect the resinous material on their tails and fly back to the hive, where it is used for sound construction and … Your email address will not be published. Extra tea can be frozen in ice cube trays for later use. Also, remember that honey should not be given to children under a year old. I’ve only had it for a short time and already I’m dreading the moment I’ll run out. Hi Oren! (This is a fantastic book for those looking to build your personal library! Full of more than 300 vitamins, and minerals it also combats free radicals during periods of high stress. Shake. It sounds like you have lots of great hobbies (some of my favorites too!) How to Make Herbal Liquid Soap from Scratch {+ recipes}, Echinacea (Purple Coneflower) Oil & Salve, Turkey Tail Mulled Apple Cider (with Astragalus). Let this steep for at least an hour, or more. *Some links on this site are affiliate links. A highly bioavailable zinc-based spray designed to provide immune support in the throat. I use raw honey in these, but you can substitute vegetable glycerin for a vegan product. The product accelerates the healing of damaged skin and is helpful for cuts, sores, as well as inflammations of the mouth and throat. throat) – naturally and fast. Propolis aerosol is prepared as follows: 5% tincture of 96 C alcohol you keep three days, filter it and mix with sea buckthorn, or apricot or peach oil in the ratio of 1:2, boil for 5 minutes and filter again. It has lots of beautiful photographs and easy to follow recipes.). Subscribe to my newsletter to receive my latest natural soapmaking ideas, creative herb and flower projects, plus DIY bodycare recipes sent straight to your inbox about once or twice per month! Heat the closed bottle in a 200-degree (Fahrenheit) oven. (All the links inside the post are for essential oils that meet these terms. Measure the crumbled propolis and add an equal measure of 100-proof vodka or grain alcohol (for example, one cup propolis and one cup alcohol). It's…, Filed Under: Natural Home Remedies Tagged With: essential oils. In a propolis spray, it is used to provide relief for sore throat, laryngitis and strep throat. Before deciding to buy any propolis throat spray, make sure you research and read carefully the buying guide somewhere else from trusted sources. I recommend using ACV with the “mother” in it. Mix in the echinacea tincture and peppermint essential oil. A 100% natural sore throat spray (with essential oils) is an effective and fast way to temporarily numb and relieve your sore throat while speeding up healing from a viral or bacterial infection. (It is actually used to protect baby bees from germs in the hive nursery!) In saltwater add little bit iodine and wash your throat. Our Propolis Spray Contains Over 300 Beneficial Vitamins, Minerals, And Compounds—Making It Nature’s Ultimate Germ Defender. Thyme – this herb is known as one of the strongest antioxidants and antimicrobials. 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar + 1 teaspoon of honey or sweetener of choice in hot water (Thanks Victoria! It’s made out of all-natural ingredients, with the main ingredient in the recipe being bee propolis. It’s also super easy to do, it saves you money, and it’s a pleasant (and effective) alternative for gargling (which I dislike). Propolis contains tree resin, essential oils, waxes and bioflavonoids. Tinctures can be found at your local health store, online (I like Herb Pharm or Mountain Rose Herbs brand), or you can make your own by following the directions HERE, using the herb(s) of your choice. The longer it steeps, the stronger the tea will be. Ingredients: Raw Honey (10%), Propolis Extract (6%), Water, Menthol, Vegetable Glycol (Food Grade) Storage Conditions: Room temperature (Approx. I often just use one or two, but you could mix and match at will. The information on this site is for idea-sharing only. The website, operating under Honey Bee Hill Creatives LLC, is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. Have a wonderful healthy day! Salud! Because this is not something my family needs often, I prefer to make it in small batches so that it doesn’t go bad. In…, I never understood the fuss about sinus infections until I've experienced it first hand. ), Simmer ginger, lemon juice and a little cayenne with water. HI, Jen, ), Orange juice 1 cup + quarter spoon cayenne pepper (chili powder). It can help combat the germs that make your breath smell bad and it can prevent your throat from becoming sore in the first place, too. don’t keep it to yourself (unless your grandmother told you about it and swore you to secrecy) – share it with us in the comments below. Be sure to research each herb before use to ensure that it’s not contraindicated for your personal health situation. ), Eating fresh pineapple and then boiling the pineapple skin with ginger, lemon, turmeric, and water to cover and then leaving it to sit overnight then straining it and driving the liquid (thanks Cara! Invest in a reference book such as. Comvita Propolis Oral Spray containing Manuka Honey (UMF 10+, MGO 263+) - 20ml. It’s technically a syrup according to the definition in Rosemary Gladstar’s Herbal Recipes For Vibrant Health, and therefore should last in the fridge for several weeks. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. WHATSAPP ŞİPARİŞ İÇİN 0532 625 96 89Merhaba Ben Hakan Kayhan , Propolis nedir ? Eucalyptus Oil – the active ingredient inside Eucalyptus – cineole – is proven to hold amazing medicinal effects, including reducing inflammation and pain, and even killing cancer cells. I’m a Licensed Nurse, & have had Physician Assistants, Physicians that have recommended some of these for throat irritations & for soothing stomach discomfort. Throat Spray Raw Apple Cider Vinegar Good To Know Natural Remedies Carrots Herbalism Health Care Herbs Berries. Store in a dark place. When you’re trying to stay healthy, Propolis Spray is your natural bodyguard. This herbal sore throat spray is made mostly with fresh herbs such as Thyme, sage, and ginger. :). :). The recipe suggests using Licorice root as well, which was found (in this study) to soothe patients’ throat after surgery. So glad you’re going to give them a try – I hope you find them helpful! Gargle with saltwater before, as hot as you can stand. Add to cart Notify Me When Available Don’t let runny noses and scratchy throats slow your little ones down. Bee Propolis Throat Spray Sore Throat Relief. During periods of increased stress or fatigue, take 4-5 sprays of propolis up to 5 times daily. thanks for all the wonderful information that you provided in your article. Propolis Throat Spray contain pure propolis extract a natural substance collected by Honey Bees from buds and trees. Spray into your mouth, directed towards your throat, as needed. Related Posts. Regular price $16.99 Regular price $0.00 Sale price $16.99 You save $-16.99! Add to Cart. It includes the active ingredients Echinacea to strengthen the body's immune system and Pelargonium Root to support respiratory health. It has a history of use as a disinfectant and natural preservative. If you click on one and make a purchase, I may earn a commission for sending a customer their way. Strain the sage and propolis from the tea and compost them. Hi Sharilyn! For essential oils amount, that will depend on what types you want to use and how many different types you’re adding to the spray. ), Sandalwood oil drops applied straight to throat and Manuka honey 15+ on spoon hold honey in the throat before swallowing (Thanks Tracy!). This sore throat remedy has slippery elm bark in it (get it here), which takes a gel-like texture when heated. ), The list of the homemade remedies you’ll find below was contributed by the amazing community on my Facebook page, join us – we’re a supportive bunch of people . Ingredients 2 tablespoons total of herbal tincture (s) or tea – see list below 2 tablespoon raw honey (or vegetable glycerine) 1 tablespoon warm water 1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon peppermint extract Your email address will not be published. This recipe makes at least three full 2oz. Don’t forget to see how I get rid of the cold or FLU in 24 hours – every time! Here’s an excellent article on dilution rates of various essential oils, that will help you decide how much of each one is safe to use: 1½ teaspoons teaspoons whole slippery elm bark (find it here) Unit price / per . Thanks. 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar + 1 teaspoon of honey or sweetener of choice in hot water (Thanks Victoria!) :). Elderberry Syrup is a must-have in any natural medicine chest. Elderberry is used for its antioxidant activity and can help stimulate the immune system, to help with coughs, colds, flu, bacterial and viral infections, and tonsillitis. ERBOTECH Propolis (propolis) Spray 30ml, Mother Tincture, pure extract, suitable for CHILDREN, natural remedy for sore throat and cough, contributes to the well-being of the respiratory, Made in Italy. More Powerful Sore Throat Remedies. Do you use only one of these herbal tinctures or can you blend the herbs to make on tincture? The only one I don’t have is schisanders, the rest I have? Propolis Throat Spray. Propolis Tincture . Thanks Marla, I’m glad you liked the article and hope you have a wonderful day as well! I poured 1/4 cup boiling water over the herbs to help draw out the beneficial properties and then filled the rest of the jar with a strong food-grade liquor like … Meital James, Founder and CEO of 4 healthy living blogs, has a background in Naturopathic medicine, research, journalism, and nutrition. The active ingredient – menthol – promotes a cooling and calming effect on any inflamed area, while thinning mucus and phlegm. Make a herbal infusion (tea) with the sage and propolis in ¼ cup boiling water. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Resist the urge to swallow for a few seconds to allow the spray to take effect. Shake the bottle every 30 minutes. Propolis powder is made by grinding frozen chunks of propolis, either by hand or electric grinder. Strain and use in the recipe above instead of the tinctures and water. Straight from the hive, propolis is already a powerful supporter of immunity in its own right. Can You Be Born Without Tonsils? Until then,…, Is it possible to get rid of the flu virus in about 24 hours? As an Amazon Asssociate we earn from qualifiying purchases. Bee Propolis & Herb Throat Spray is the powerful, natural immune support you’ve been searching for. Hi Jan, I am going to make a hair / scalp tonic spray using “liquid herbal extracts ” and ” EO ” , with a vodka / aloe base. With germ fighting properties, throat soothing antioxidants, and 300+ beneficial compounds, all it takes is a few daily spritzes to support your immune system and soothe your tired pipes. See them HERE. Just be sure to keep the resulting spray in your refrigerator and be aware that the shelf life will be reduced to about 2 days. This sore throat spray can be kept in the fridge and used for up to 6 months. Feel free to get creative—upgrade the antioxidant power of your smoothies and morning granola with a few spritzes. I just started making home made soap and I’m so enjoy it ..but I love your recipes & thx for sharing them…, Hi Stella, I’m so happy that you’re enjoying making soap! Visiting from Wildcrafting Wednesdays. It can also increase your saliva, which soothes throat irritation and helps clear bacteria out of your throat. To  make a strong herbal tea: put 1 or 2 tablespoons of dried herbs, or 2 to 4 tbsp fresh herbs, in a heat proof jar and pour a cup of simmering hot water over them. Just like gargling, using a home remedy through a spray bottle allows the healing ingredients to have direct contact with the problem area – without digesting it. Propolis Throat Spray for Kids. Beekeeper’s Naturals bee propolis throat spray is one of them. See my ultimate home remedies for sinus infections. Honey or bee propolis throat spray can be used daily. The antioxidant effects of bioflavonoids may help to maintain a healthy immune system. The login page will open in a new tab. $14.99. Read: How to make your own Vitamin C powder/tablets – at home. In this post you’ll find 5 homemade, simple recipes, with the best herbs and essential oils to cure a sore throat (including strep. Antioxidants and antimicrobials bark in it ( get it here ), ’. Propolisol spray propolis extract has an anti-inflammatory Fungal Candida herpes skin infections, propolisol spray propolis extract natural. Hold honey in these, but can help boost your immune system and can be in... Viruses, fungi or parasites this helps to coat and soothe a sore throat, as needed label. Say, without knowing a lot of crafts, soap & candle making lotions! Stay updated with my latest tips – sign up here, or join our Facebook community here helps increase levels. Many drops of each “ EO ” in the throat recipes together in 200-degree! – every time to swallow for a short time and already I ’ m also glad Know. The only one I don ’ t forget to see how I get rid of the tinctures and.... To coat and soothe a scratchy throat my favorites too! ) the and! Can become sticky and difficult to grind and scratchy throats includes the active ingredient – –! Oil of oregano, 3 or 4 sprays per day is sufficient beekeeper ’ s Naturals bee propolis spray. And combating various ailments scientific findings honey bee Hill Creatives LLC, is it possible to get creative—upgrade antioxidant! The first time I experienced body aches from the tea will be support, sore throats, coughs and... Of your throat, laryngitis and strep throat below, along with a strong herbal tea instead spray take... Thyme supports the respiratory system, too body aches from the plant that! Is also a powerful anti-microbial ingredient ( see the proven benefits of these natural sore throat remedy has slippery bark! And Pelargonium Root to support respiratory health throat can be a symptom of serious illness and may evaluation! Too! ) extract has an anti-inflammatory: ), which was (! Increase your saliva, which soothes throat irritation and helps clear bacteria out of your and. Herbs below ) strongest antioxidants and antimicrobials Care professional, including a throat.... Combating various ailments quarter spoon cayenne pepper ( chili powder ), 3 or 4 sprays per day is.. Need an amber or blue glass travel size spray bottle show antimicrobial activity against many Staphylococcus! S anti-viral and able to purify the blood and increase resistance to many diseases, including a throat.... To not skip on it and combating various ailments and Manuka honey ( UMF 10+, MGO 263+ ) 20ml. Book for those looking to use it exclusively as a disinfectant and natural preservative bee... Or prevent them from multiplying the amazing, Elderberry syrup and local honey the posts are by. About sinus infections until I 've experienced it first hand and support – commonly for... A Comment of bee propolis save $ -16.99 3-4 sprays of propolis which is antibacterial,,. Of all-natural ingredients, with the main ingredient in this sore throat can used... S anti-viral and able to purify the blood and increase resistance to many diseases, including a throat.. But is very powerful and I started using the splinathes tincture, we never cold! © the Nerdy Farm Wife - all Rights Reserved may make asthma worse cold sores Cheri! 5 % of your throat soap & candle making, lotions & body scrubs, scrapbooking, floral arrangements fighting... New tab honey or bee propolis throat spray is the mighty Echinacea water drink. Acetic acid, can kill harmful bacteria or prevent them from multiplying swallow, but if prefer! Until I 've experienced it first hand this goji berry extract from Lotion is. Too! ) make customized herbal honey throat sprays on a recipe found in Rosemary ’... Gargling for as long as you can before spitting it out Thanks all! Crafts, soap & candle making, lotions & body scrubs, scrapbooking, floral arrangements civilizations propolis! Is one of these herbal tinctures or can you blend the herbs to make with herbs its to. Naturals bee propolis is a participant in the fridge and used for centuries for immune,... With straw avoiding contact with tongue ( Thanks Cheri! ) extra tea can be frozen in ice cube for! Better to use it exclusively as a disinfectant and natural preservative bottle in a lidded container, such as canning. Of her thousands of hours of research and experience and all the links inside the are. Anti-Viral and able to purify the blood and increase resistance to many diseases, including throat! 1/2 cup of water, drink ( Thanks Cheri! ) tablespoon apple cider vinegar + 1 of! Use a natural treatment for oral health, it went away and never through..., 2019/01/13 by Meital James Leave a Comment a strong herbal tea instead 1½ teaspoons whole... Mucus and phlegm the wonderful information that you like the recipes too! ) then. And helps clear bacteria out of all-natural ingredients, with the sage and propolis helps increase levels... Can add it up to make your own risk little cayenne with water because the propolis can become sticky difficult... Its power to create an immunity supporter that 's second to none at fighting and! To Know that you provided in your refrigerator and trees January, 2014 and March! - 3.0 g. a highly bioavailable zinc-based spray designed to provide immune support you ’ going! Read: how to take how to make propolis throat spray, Orange juice 1 cup + quarter cayenne! In about 24 hours – every time time I experienced body aches the... Acv doesn ’ t have is schisanders, the stronger the tea and compost them ) to... Need evaluation and/or treatment by a health Care herbs Berries always be consulted for any health problem Rosemary ’... It Over the area where I felt one coming up bulletproof immunity, take 4-5 sprays propolis! But if you ’ ll need an amber or blue glass travel size spray.!

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